My History

I am currently a full-time Nursing student working on obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I have plenty of experience in the Real Estate market after working in an Escrow office. I then decided to open my own business, which successfully opened in 2018. I have years of training and have completed 300+ Signings.

My Business

I successfully obtained my Notary Commission in 2018 while I was working in an Escrow office. After a couple of years in the office, I decided that it was time to pursue my business further. I started in the Mountain Areas and brought my business with me once I transferred for school.

I am now Fidelity Approved, NSA Certified, NNA Member, and COVID-19 Compliant through the County!

My Goal

In life, I live by the motto that “I am Third.” Meaning that God is first, others are second, and I am third. I will always give my all no matter what the task may be. Customer service and satisfaction is my priority. Every person I encounter, I always want to leave with a positive mark.

The Team

Today I am blessed to have multiple Notary Publics across Southern California that I admire as team members to help provide a professional service regardless of where I am located. Together the service we offer is astonishing!